SMART MELANIN BEAUTY for bare-skin confidence

OUR SMART FORMULAS GENTLY CARE FOR SKIN OF COLOR. Powered by Smart Melanin Technology, our products might feel like magic, but we swear they're not – just skincare finally made for us.

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Because we deserve


In beauty, women of color have always been an afterthought. Most products “made for us” contain unsafe chemicals to lighten our skin or straighten our hair so we’ll meet European beauty standards. No more harmful ingredients. No more compromising. No more adhering to “traditional” beauty standards — to us, health is (and always has been) the only beauty standard.

  • Melanin-Loving Ingredients
  • No Bleaching Agents
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Shevonne ★★★★★ | EADEM

    Shevonne ★★★★★ "My skin has truly changed for the better"

  • ALEXIS ★★★★★ | EADEM

    ALEXIS ★★★★★ "My face is immediately dewy and hydrated"

  • DEJA ★★★★★ | EADEM

    DEJA ★★★★★ "My stubborn dark spots have significantly reduced"

  • J'MILL ★★★★★ | EADEM

    J'MILL ★★★★★ "I never realised how much my skin has been left as an afterthought"

  • MIA <br>★★★★★ | EADEM

    "People have started to notice my natural glow"

  • SHIRUI ★★★★★ | EADEM

    SHIRUI ★★★★★ "Great for sensitive skin and fragrance-free"

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More representation.

Less tokenization.


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